Success Stories

Every day we receive positive feedback from our customers. People just like you, who have changed their lives and achieved their fitness goals with the help of our products. The following are just a few unedited examples from actual customers.

Melanie lost 60 lbs with Z-BurnĀ®

This product is amazing!! I started taking Z-BURN 3 months ago. After adding a healthier diet and daily exercise, it just accelerated my results. When I first started this regimen I had no idea how much Z-BURN helps sleep and yet burns body fat at the same time!! I am so happy with the results!! And better yet, this product is ALL NATURAL!!! This is just what this gym girl needed!!!

- Melanie A., Boca Raton FL

Ashley lost 25 lbs.with Z-BurnĀ®

I have been buying this product since April. I love Z-BURN. I lost 25Lbs. from April to May when I started taking it, adding in diet and exercise…it is October and I have maintained my weight. Thank 

- Ashley R., Brandon MS.

Z-BURN is awesome! Not only am I sleeping better, but so far I've lost 15Lbs.!

- Leslie

I have never had so much success with a product before. I fall asleep so fast, wake up rested, and have lost 10 Lbs.! 

- Callie

This is an awesome product. I've been taking it for about 3 months now and I've noticed looking leaner without changing my daily routine. I've also noticed myself falling asleep easier and longer. Great product! 

- Nancy

Along with diet and exercise, Z-BURN has helped me lose 21 Lbs. in 6 weeks… 

- Mike

I love Z-BURN…I have trouble falling asleep at night and this really helps you fall asleep easily. I wake up ready for my day and not drowsy at all. The added fact of losing weight while you sleep is an added plus in my book too!" 

- Anne

There is a long list of benefits accomplished by achieving adequate amounts of quality sleep. With all natural, clinically proven ingredients, Z-BURN is a product I use myself and would highly recommend. 

- Dr. Joseph Hadeed, M.D

As a full time nurse and mother of two, I need all the extra time I can get to stay fit. By adding an entire nights worth of targeted fat loss Z-BURN has given me just that. 

- Nicole

Always looking for some assistance in getting adequate sleep and not one to take prescription sleep aids. I've tried all sorts of supplements, and have finally found a product that relaxes me, as well as provides additional benefits of "fat burning" fat burning while I'm sleeping. Very happy with this product. 


I have lost about 75 lbs. since the new year using this product along with a wholesale change in my eatin habits. 

- Andy

I am confined to a walker and can't do much exercise. This helped me lose 25 lbs. in 6 weeks.

- Matt

If you would like to share with us how Z-BURN has helped you achieve your goals, please email us your feedback and before/after pictures and we would be happy to post it.


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